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    Dear BlancpainBlog members,

    please note that while the Blancpain Blog covers a broad range of subjects, not every watch-related topic is appropriate for this site, and I ask that visitors familiarize themselves with the following Guidelines before using the site. Your use of is subject to the following General Guidelines and User Agreement, which you are deemed to accept by using either website.

    1. Please express yourself in a polite and respectful manner and tone. Inappropriate posts and posts that do not meet our standards for acceptable discourse may be removed. Do not post or include in your avatar or signature inappropriate or offensive images.

    2. Always use the same screen name and do not impersonate others. Do not create multiple screen names. Screen names may not reference your business, commercial web sites or trademarked names.

    3. Do not collect e-mail addresses or post personal information about people, or send anyone insulting or upsetting private messages, e-mail or spam. Do not include or embed in any post any applet, script, object, application, or code of any kind that captures, copies, or collects information.

    4. Do not buy, sell, advertise, or promote.  Do not make posts advertising inventory or items for sale at dealers. If you have items for sale, do not discuss or post images of items on the discussion forums.

    5. The Blancpain Blog does not control, and is not responsible for, content on third-party websites. Do not post external links, inline frames (iframes), URLs or other references for sites where watches or related items are offered for sale, to sites where replica or counterfeit goods are sold. Do not use the Blancpain Blog to assist buyers or sellers of counterfeit goods, or to promote or endorse counterfeit goods. Do not post external links, inline frames (iframes), URLs or other references to websites offering watch discussion, to online watch magazines, to online watch newspapers, to watch blogs, or other such related watch websites.

    6. Please do not post links or references to live or completed auctions. This includes auction numbers and other direct or indirect auction references.

    7. Please do not bring outside disputes into the forums.

    8. Trolls, shills, and disruptive visitors are not welcome, and their posts will be removed.


    The Blancpain Blog is a semi-private, conditional use website. By using the Blancpain Blog, you agree to abide by and accept this User Agreement as well as all guidelines and supplemenmtal guidelines posted on the site, which are hereby incorporated by reference. Guideline violations may result in the suspension or revocation of posting privileges on the Blancpain Blog with or without formal notice. Any action taken by the Blancpain Blog is in our sole discretion. These Guidelines are updated from time to time and updates are binding on all community members as signified by your continued use of the site, so please check these guidelines occasionally. If you have any questions about the Guidelines, please contact me at

    Thank you for your understanding!


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