There are multiple places a Blancpain aficionado can find interesting information and the opportunity to take a closer look. Here are some I recommend exploring further:



A must read is the site of Peter Speake-Marin, aka The Naked Watchmaker. PSM frequently deconstructs modern and vintage Blancpain timepieces, allowing for a close look at the excellence that normally is hidden to the owner:



Deconstruction Fifty Fathoms Ref 5015

Deconstruction Villeret Squelete Ref 6633

Deconstruction Villeret 8 Jours Quantieme Complet Ref 6639a

Deconstruction Villeret Equation Marchante Quantieme Perpetuel Ref 6638

Deconstruction X-Fathoms Ref 5018

Deconstruction Vintage Fifty Fathoms

Deconstruction Vintage Rolls


Some wordwide watch fora offer a designated section for Blancpain, obviously with a slightly different bias due to the primary geographic audience and group of members.

For english speaking audiences I recommend two fora, PuristSPro and timezone.

PuristSPro (watchprosite) offers a lot of information especially on vintage Blancpain timepieces with a focus on the fifty Fathoms. You will also find a good representation of current models:

PuristSPro Blancpain

Timezone is a sophisticated forum since more than two decades, the focus is on the current timepieces:

Timezone Blancpain

For German speaking audiences I recommend the forum Watchlounge which provides a variety of topics and a small subsection for Blancpain:

Watchlounge Blancpain



This is only a short representation of interesting places to explore when it comes to Blancpain. Another solid and comprehensive source of information is the Blancpain website and of course the Lettres du Brassus:

Lettres du Brassus