Up close with the Villeret GMT Reveil

Today let’s get up close with the Blancpain Villeret GMT Reveil reference 6640, the only version of the well known travel and agenda watch that is still in the Blancpain catalogue.


The GMT Reveil with it’s calibre 1241 was introduced around 2004 as a 40mm Leman model. The movement has been developed in cooperation with Breguet, where it debuted as the Reveil du Tsar.

It is a very sophisticated movement with more than 400 parts and automatic winding. It combines the functionality of a second time zone with the rare complication of a mechanical alarm using a hammer and a gong that surrounds the movement.

Having been exclusively used in the Leman line for the first years, it later found a second home as an L‘Evolution model, both iterations are discontinued today. A few years ago the GMT Reveil was introduced in the Villeret line, which is actually a perfect match. The movement is now specified calibre 1240H, it is reduced to 396 parts, qualifies as a secure movement and has received a slightly different decoration.

I had the opportunity to welcome both the stainless steel and rose gold versions of the Villeret for my photo session, let’s get closer to the gold GMT Reveil first:

The guilloche dial works perfectly with the warm gold case, which in itself is a highlight with the round shape, the beautiful crowns and also the alarm activation pusher:

The stainless steel GMT Reveil features a more reduced dial, which still offers clear contrast and very nice details:

Now, since an alarm watch needs to be heard, here are two videos of the Villeret GMT Reveil:

For comparative reasons, let me also show you a discontinued but in some places still available Leman GMT Reveil, here in its probably most extrovert version crafted in titanium with rose gold accents:

Other than the Villeret, the Leman GMT Reveil features a mirror polished hammer:

Do you wish to hear this one as well? Here you go:

The L‘Evolution GMT Reveil has already been covered in the blog, you find the report here.

Keeping all three models in mind, I personally think that with the Villeret this remarkable complication has found its perfect home. The dial appears more organized, the classic shapes support the Haute Horlogerie nature of the movement.

Particularly the stainless steel Villeret GMT Reveil is an unobtrusive iteration, it goes well with formal and casual attire, and it is a travel companion that goes underneath the radar, which is clearly a virtue.

I hope you enjoyed the post and the photos/videos!

You find the Villeret GMT Reveil here on the Blancpain website.



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