The Blancpain Blog is focused on the Manufacture and the timepieces created in Le Brassus and Le Sentier. My aim is to over time build a source that provides a comprehensive overview on the collections since the 1990s , share hands-on experience with the timepieces, showcase the watches with detailed and emotional photography and offer an opportunity to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

This blog is independent, but it receives support by Blancpain in terms of knowledge, access to the Manufacture and their representatives and the opportunity to capture their timepieces with my photography, of which I am very grateful for.

Please join the blog, enjoy and have fun. Together we can share our passion and build a source that over time accumulates knowledge accessible to collectors and enthusiasts. You can follow the blog (necessary for email alerts on new reports) and in addition register as a member, which gives you the opportunity to actively engage by commenting on blog posts and photos.

Get in contact and let me know which topics you are interested in, and I will do my best to capture those moving forward. Over time the Blancpain Blog shall build a solid database for existing and past references, so we get a comprehensive overview on the outstanding timepieces created in Le Brassus, Le Sentier and Paudex.

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2020/2021 novelties:

  Tribute to FF No Radiations Only Watch 2021 
Hands-on with the Tribute to FF No Radiations  Press releases 2021 (last update Mar 15)
Fifty Fathoms MIL-SPEC for Hodinkee A reflection on the 2020 novelties
Hands-on Villeret Boutique edition Hands-on Bathyscaphe Chronographe
Hands-on Bathyscaphe Day Date Desert Hands-on with the Bathyscaphe Mokarran
Hands-on Bathyscaphe Sedna gold ‘Blue’ The Bathyscaphe Mokarran Special Edition
Hands-on with the 38mm Villeret novelties Hands-on with the FF titanium bracelet
Hands-on with two Villeret novelties Press releases 2020

Blog posts on the manufacture:

  Fifty Fathoms History documentary
Blancpain Virtual Tour A visit to Blancpain
The Vintage Atelier Metiers d’Art workshop

Some recent blog posts:

The all titanium Fifty Fathoms 5015 blue Cross-generational FF family gathering
Fifty Fathoms Tourbillon 8 Jours Family relations: the 40mm FF editions
Extrovert classics: two Villeret QC 6654 Up close with the Air Command AC01

Shortcuts to all released blog posts:

  Strap options The all titanium FF 5015 blue
FF No Rad Only Watch 2021  FF generations gathering Fifty Fathoms Tourbillon 
Two Villeret QC 6654 FF 40mm limited editions Air Command AC01
Fifty Fathoms documentary H/O Tribute to FF No Radiations Overview 2021 novelties 
Flashback: 2185F titanium   Saint-Valentin overview Hands-on 38mm Bathyscaphe
A tale of two MILSPECs FF MIL-SPEC Hodinkee Edition Fifty Fathoms
Review 2020 novelties  H/O Villeret Boutique Edition Flashback: FF Concept 2000 
H/O Bathyscaphe Chrono green H/O Bathyscaphe Day Date Desert H/O Bathyscaphe Mokarran 
Villeret Demi-Savonnette Fifty Fathoms 5066F   H/O Bathyscaphe Sedna Blue  
FF titanium comparison  Bathyscaphe Mokarran  FF RG/blue 
H/O Villeret 38mm   H/O FF titanium bracelet   H/O Villeret 6651 & 6654
Bathyscaphe Chronographe Villeret Monopoussoir  Tribute to FF MilSpec
Virtual Tour Blancpain  X-Fathoms  Bathyscaphe grey/blue 
Comparison 40 and 45mm FF  Spectrum Haute Horlogerie  Overview 2020 novelties 
Villeret Quantieme Perpetuel     Flashback: Leman series (part 3) Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel 
Flashback: 2100 Half Hunter  FF Nageurs de combat Hands-on new Air Command  
Villeret Ultraplate Platinum  Villeret Mouvement Inverse The Blancpain Ladybird 
Ocean Commitment timepieces Blancpain for Only Watch Hands-on FF Barakuda 
Two Annual Calendars    FF 5015 overview  Blancpain 500 Fathoms
Bathyscaphe for Hodinkee A conversation with Eric Singer  Flashback: Leman series (part 2)
Villeret Squelete 8 Jours Flashback: Leman series (part 1)  2019 novelties conclusions  
Fifty Fathoms titanium Fifty Fathoms RG blue ceramic New Villeret timepieces
Fifty Fathoms Barakuda   FF Nageurs de combat   The new Air Command 
The 2019 novelties overview  Bathyscaphe Jour Date 70s Villeret GMT Reveil  
Evolution of a dive watch    Villeret QC 8 Jours platinum Villeret Demi-Fuseau Horaire
X Fathoms on a dive  Flashback: FF Anniversary Villeret QP Platinum  
Flashback:  Trilogy series   Villeret GD Semainier 8 Jours Flashback:  2086 A’Toute Vitesse 
Sylt Gourmet Festival    Top 3 of 2018 Metiers d’Art Workshop 
Bathyscaphe Sedna Gold   Fifty Fathoms Grande Date   Bathyscaphe Bucherer Edition
Blancpain Vintage Atelier L’Evolution GMT Reveil  A Quantieme Complet Duo
FF OC III on bracelet Motorsports & L’Evolution At the 24h of Spa
Special Event Gianluca Genoni Two Fifty Fathoms on bracelet Fifty Fathoms OC III 
Basel report – the booth Basel report – Villeret Basel report – Fifty Fathoms
Basel report – Tourbillon  Basel report – Bathyscaphe 70s A visit to Blancpain
Haute Cuisine & Haute Horlogerie Fifty Fathoms Titanium Tribute to MilSpec 2017

For all Blancpain aficionados: don’t miss out exploring the fabulous deconstructions of various Blancpain timepieces by The Naked Watchmaker, aka Peter Speake-Marin. As a courtesy granted by Peter, the Blancpain deconstructions are also featured on the Blancpain Blog. Below you find the direct links to the amazing reports by The Naked Watchmaker.


Blancpain Deconstructions by The Naked Watchmaker:

X-Fathoms Ref 5018
Villeret 8 Jours Quantieme Complet Ref 6639a
Villeret Squelete Ref 6633
Fifty Fathoms Ref 5015
Villeret Equation Marchante Quantieme Perpetuel Ref 6638
Vintage Fifty Fathoms
Vintage Rolls