A subtle bling Bathyscaphe

After almost 3 years of joyful ownership it’s about time to dedicate a full report on my Blancpain Bathyscaphe Sedna Gold, reference 5000-36S30-NABA.

What struck me most about this version of the Bathyscaphe is clearly the intriguing brushed finish of the gold case. The strong case design, which finds its most eye catching aspect in the sharp and beautiful lugs, is supported by the warm rose gold color. Since this is the only Blancpain watch using the Omega patented Sedna Gold it is also protected from patinating – something I appreciate and fully confirm after 34 months of ownership.

The watch originally comes on a black strap, in this case including the Nato strap hardware that is also executed in Sedna Gold. The keepers are fitted with two spring bars each, so with a little caution and patience the owner can change the strap without problems.

The opportunity to play with different straps actually transformed my appreciation for the Bathyscaphe Sedna into a lasting love affair: personally the OEM set up with a black strap did not connect with me for a long time. Something was missing in my view.

So I changed to a green Blancpain Nato strap and the watch changed immediately and to a significant degree. It became a more balanced, unusual and attractive timepiece since the color of the strap brought the dial to a different level.

The same worked with the anthracite Nato strap that originally belongs to the Bathyscaphe Chronographe Ocean Commitment II.

Speaking of the dial, let’s get closer to it together with the bezel and the hands:

The ebony black dial has a very subtle sunburst finish which brings a shade of brown into it once exposed to warm sunlight. In harmony with the gold hands, hour markers and the gold Liquidmetal (another Omega patent) Inlays of the black ceramic bezel, the dial works perfectly well with the Sedna Gold case… and the green Nato strap, of course.

Like many Blancpain timepieces, the Bathyscaphe Sedna plays with light, it changes significantly between bright sunlight and shade, between natural and artificial light. And that’s what I personally love about this effect: almost each time you look at the watch it appears just a little different… which is probably a key to long lasting love affairs 😉

Let’s now move on to the backside of the watch. The Sedna theme continues on the back since the rotor of calibre 1315 is executed in the very same material. This rounds up a very impressive timepiece, extrovert and subtle at the same time, well known and also unusual.

Whether a diver, which is described as a tool watch by many, should be executed in precious metals is a discussion I do not want to entertain – today’s sports watches are more versatile multi purpose timepieces, and clearly there’s a good reason for a brushed gold Fifty Fathoms Bathyscaphe to exist.

I hope you enjoyed the report and the photos!



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