Impressions of the Blancpain 500 Fathoms

Let’s take a look at a timepiece that is not necessarily in the center of the Fifty Fathoms collection, but highly appreciated by owners who actually take the watch by its purpose and therefore frequently for a dive… the 500 Fathoms, ref 50015.

Introduced in 2009, this 48mm titanium timepiece shows the well known case shape of the Fifty Fathoms Automatique, albeit with 3mm additional diameter. The sapphire bezel is also well known, as is the excellent calibre 1315 powering the watch.

But there are also significant differences: the watch has a water resistance rating of 1000m and it uses a decompression valve at the 10 o‘clock position.

The most obvious difference is the high contrast two level dial with bold numerals, the time being indicated by newly designed hands. This combination carries a significant amount of Super Luminova, making sure that the readability is perfect underwater.

But also outside of its intended environment the 500 Fathoms is a very impressive watch. It is clearly a bold statement on the wrist, still offering a plentiful of fine details that catch the eye.

One of the highlights is visible when you turn your attention to the backside, where calibre 1315 has received a hand finished rotor resembling a ship propellor (which can also be found with the Fifty Fathoms Tribute to Aqua Lung).

I hope you enjoyed this photo report on a Blancpain timepiece that cannot be found all too often but that definitely is a true (and bold) incarnation of the brand‘s unrivaled dive watch heritage.



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