Size matters: comparing two Fifty Fathoms

With the classic being available in two different sizes, I thought it might be interesting to put two examples for references 5008 and 5015 side by side to allow for a fair optical comparison between 40.3 and 45mm. Let’s take a closer look at the Tribute to Fifty Fathoms and the Fifty Fathoms Nageurs de ., which not only represent the two sizes but also two wonderful commemorative pieces to the heritage of the Fifty Fathoms.

Tribute to fifty Fathoms MilSpec & Fifty Fathoms Nageurs de combat

I have chosen to strip the watches off their straps, since the kind of strap (bracelet, Nato or sailcloth) has a significant impact on how big we perceive a watch. This photo illustrates how perspective, alignment and strap may actually distort the picture:

Tribute to fifty Fathoms MilSpec & Fifty Fathoms Nageurs de combat

To make it a fair comparison I tried to keep the perspective clean and the distance to the watches identical. But before we get into the photos, let me repeat the nominal specifications for the two watches: The Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MilSpec, ref 5008-1130-B52A, has a diameter of 40.3mm at a height of 13mm with 45mm lug to lug, the Fifty Fathoms , ref 5015E-1130-B52A, has a diameter of 45mm at a height of 15.7mm with 50mm lug to lug.

Actually, besides the size comparison the watches chosen for this post also illustrate the difference between a mirror polished and a brushed stainless steel case as well as the difference between a sapphire case back and a solid case back.

Some initial observations: The case shapes are quite similar, the 5008 lugs are comparatively broader and more dominant. Blancpain has done a very nice job in keeping the relation between dial and bezel size harmonious with both watches, and the beautiful curves of the Fifty Fathoms case are just as attractive in 40 or 45mm, with polished or brushed finish.

Here are some additional perspectives to allow for a side by side comparison:

And now let’s take a look at references 5008 and 5015 back to back:

On the wrist the two Fifty Fathoms make a significant difference, even without the strap influence.

I hope this photo heavy post helps to realistically assess the difference between the 40.3 and 45mm Fifty Fathoms sizes. Neutral photos however cannot indicate how a watch feels on someone’s wrist, whether it combines with the wearer’s personality or style. And the actual wrist size plays a significant role, of course. Closing this post let me share two photos of the Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MilSpecĀ  and the Fifty Fathoms Nageurs de combat on my 17cm wrist:

Fifty Fathoms Nageurs de combat

I hope you enjoyed this comparison. You can find the Tribute to Fifty Fathoms MilSpec here in my blog and here on the Blancpain website. There is also a dedicated post on the Fifty Fathoms Nageurs de combat here in my blog, and it also can be found here on the Blancpain website.



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