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This is a blog essay I was planning for a while and I am thrilled that I now had the chance to realize it. I hope you will enjoy the photo documentation of my 2100 Quantieme Phases de Lune Half Hunter being serviced in the Munich Atelier.


Before we get started

I bought my Quantieme Phases de Lune Half Hunter reference 3563-3618 in 1999 and it has remained a favorite of mine ever since. The watch has been serviced 11 years ago, so it was about time for it to receive a spa treatment again.

To allow for a full photo documentation, the disassembly, cleaning, reassembly and adjustment took place in one day, which is of course skipping some key elements of a normal full service like multi-day testing. For this documentation I visited the Atelier of the Blancpain Boutique in Munich.

This essay will predominantly rely on photographs, which are reflective of the work and the individual steps in sequence. There are a lot of steps and there are a lot of photos, so I hope you make yourself comfortable and follow me on this journey into caliber 6763. You will see that many beautiful details of the timepiece are reserved for the watchmaker, only being revealed when the watch and movement are taken apart.

I have disabled auto play for the slideshows, so please use the arrows for moving forward and backwards.


The disassembly

The sequence of photos captures the process of full disassembly, starting with a first inspection and then going step by step.


Cleaning and checking



The reassembly


I hope you enjoyed this documentation! You find my blog post on the 2100 Quantieme Phases de Lune Half Hunter here in the blog. An introduction to servicing at Blancpain and a very nice service Video can be found here on the Blancpain website.

A heartfelt Thank You goes to the Munich Atelier for supporting the idea and all their patience with me during an exciting day.



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