The Fifty Fathoms Ocean Commitment III on bracelet

I was lucky enough to ÔÇ×customize” the beautiful Fifty Fathoms Ocean Commitment III  with a matching bracelet. This was possible thanks to the Blancpain Boutique Munich, since they were so kind to re-work a Tribute to MilSpec bracelet to a fully brushed finish so it matches the brushed case of the OC III. Let’s take a look.


Creating a perfect match

The OC III is the only 40mm Fifty Fathoms with a brushed case, which works extraordinarily well with the deep blue dial and bezel. Reference 5008-11B40-NAOA comes with a Nato and a sailcloth strap, so to add a bracelet you need to buy one of those separately.

The X-71 bracelet available for the 40mm Fifty Fathoms has a combination of polished and brushed elements, there is no specific bracelet for the OC III. To create a perfect match to the brushed case of the watch, I had someone apply the absolute matching brushed finish to all elements of it, including the flanks. The result is simply perfect.

On the wrist

Here you find a variety of wrist shots to allow for a realistic assessment of this combination. The X-71 bracelet is quite heavy, very well engineered and comfortable on the wrist. You can adjust it to your wrist with the help of half links, a quick adjustment within the clasp is not possible, though.

In my view the bracelet makes the Fifty Fathoms OC III an even more versatile watch. It also balances the weight distribution on the wrist nicely, and besides the look it is a real pleasure just to let the bracelet run through your fingers for additional haptic joy.

Let me close this report with this slightly more creative shot. I hope you enjoyed the introduction!

Fifty Fathoms Ocean Commitment III

You find the Fifty Fathoms Ocean Commitment III here on the Blancpain website and my initial report on the launch of the timepiece on World Ocean Day 2018 here. An overview on all Blancpain Ocean Commitment timepieces (so far) can be found here.



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