The 2021 Only Watch piece unique

Today Only Watch and Blancpain have revealed the 2021 unique timepiece which will be auctioned November 6 in Geneva for the good cause of research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Let’s take a quick look at the latest piece unique in the long tradition of Blancpain Only Watch contributions.


Like in the two previous Only Watch auctions 2017 and 2019 Blancpain chose a recent 40mm Fifty Fathoms Edition as the base for the piece unique. This year it is the Tribute to Fifty Fathoms No Rad 5008E-1130-B64A, with the unique dial and bezel colors and the special acknowledgement of Only Watch on the rotor. And it has no date window!


Every Only Watch Event has a specific color code, and that usually finds its way into the biennial Blancpain entries. In 2017 the color code was yellow, in 2019 light blue and this year it is deep orange. Here are the three Fifty Fathoms Only Watch pieces in one slideshow:


Personally I think the nickname for this year’s unique Tribute to Fifty Fathoms is obvious given the color scheme 😉 and I really like the extrovert look of it. I wished I had a chance to get into the easily foreseeable bidding contest at the auction for this piece unique, the winner will sure be very happy with this watch!

To conclude this brief introduction, here are the official press release and the technical sheet for the timepiece:


You find the unique Tribute to Fifty Fathoms No Rad for Only Watch here on the Blancpain and here on the Only Watch websites. An overview on all Blancpain Only Watch timepieces is available here in the blog.



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