The all titanium Fifty Fathoms 5015

Last year Blancpain introduced the highly anticipated titanium bracelet for the three existing Fifty Fathoms models in titanium, the blue and black 5015 and the FF Grande Date 5050. Let’s take a look at the slightly more extrovert FF 5015 with a blue sunburst dial and a blue sapphire bezel and how it looks when put on this new bracelet.


Titanium vs stainless steel

One of the significant advantages the titanium FF 5015 has besides the antiallergic properties of titanium is that it makes this 45mm professional dive watch a lot lighter and less top heavy on the wrist compared to the stainless steel version.

The titanium FF 5015 on strap weighs 83 grams (case only is 60 grams) compared to 102 grams for the stainless steel watch (case only is 81 grams). The titanium bracelet has a weight of 66 grams versus 108 grams for the steel X-71 bracelet. The all titanium FF 5015 has a weight of 126 grams, the all steel FF 189 grams.


Details of the titanium bracelet

The new titanium bracelet provides a different solution for sizing it to the desired length. All bracelet links can be removed with the help of screws sitting on the underside.


Maybe it’s helpful to provide a small tutorial how to loosen and tighten those screws, so here it is:

The screws work like a bayonet lock: to loosen them you place the screwdriver, push gently down and turn 90 degrees counterclockwise.


Once you have done it for both screws you can remove the side link and pull out the opposite part. This process works from both sides.


To refit the side links after sizing the bracelet you go simply reverse the process: push down the screw gently and turn 180 degrees clockwise to lock it.


A new look for the titanium FF 5015

Now let’s concentrate on the looks of the blue Fifty Fathoms titanium on the bracelet. I guess it’s fair to say that the bracelet changes the character of the timepiece quite a bit compared to the sailcloth or Nato strap.


The satin brushed finish of the bracelet perfectly matches the case, as does the light color of titanium grade 2.

With an optimal weight balance the watch wears very comfortably. It is noticeable but not heavy on the wrist, the visual focus is directed towards the beautiful blue dial and sapphire bezel.


I believe this configuration also works as well in a business outfit as it does in a casual environment, at least when your wrist can support the 45mm diameter and 15mm height of the timepiece.

The Fifty Fathoms in its full titanium configuration is no doubt a very strong evolutionary step in a model line that’s already 14 years in the catalogue. If there’s one thing left to be desired it’s a quick fine adjustment in the clasp.


You find the titanium Fifty Fathoms models here on the Blancpain website. A photo heavy post on the blue and black FF 5015 titanium on sailcloth and Nato strap is available here in the blog, that essay also provides a lot of views on the backside with caliber 1315. And here you find an overview on all existing FF 5015 variations since 2007.

I hope you enjoyed the essay and the photos.



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