The excellence of simplicity: a new Villeret Ultraplate in platinum

Today we take a look at a brand new release from Blancpain, exclusively for their Boutiques: the Villeret Ultraplate reference 6605 crafted in platinum and featuring a stunning blue dial.

Villeret Ultraplate Platinum

The Villeret Ultraplate 6605 was introduced this year during Time to Move in stainless steel and red gold (here you find more on those versions). It received very positive feedback since many collectors long waited for a hand wound ultra slim timepiece from Blancpain to appear in the current lineup.

Now this reference finds a more splendorous incarnation with a blue sunburst dial that works so well with the specific hue of the platinum case.

Villeret Ultraplate Platinum

The blue dial appears to be “transformative”, meaning it changes its expression significantly under different light conditions. While being very subtle in the shade, it pops out under direct light influence, again with slight differences between natural and artificial light.

The Villeret reference 6605 is powered by calibre 11A4B, featuring a screw balance and silicon hairspring, has its roots in the well know cal 1150.

Villeret Ultraplate Platinum

Stripped of the automatic winding mechanism and rotor, the hand wound movement reveals its architecture more clearly. A nicely executed power reserve indication adds to the pleasure when viewing the Villeret Ultraplate from the backside.

The case of ref 6605 measures 40mm in diameter and only 7,39mm in height, still it offers 3atm water resistance. The beautifully curved Villeret case is a true feast for the eyes:

The main focus of attraction however is the blue dial with its very subtle sunburst finish and applied white gold numerals in perfect harmony with the skeleton leaf hands.

Villeret Ultraplate Platinum

The blue dials of the Boutique editions are not found anywhere else in the Blancpain lineup, their special hue is very different from the blue we know from various other Blancpain timepieces.

In January Blancpain already introduced the Villeret Quantieme Perpetuel as a Boutique edition (a detailed report on this marvel can be found here). The limited to 88 pieces Villeret Ultraplate is a superb addition to the concept, clearly worth a visit to one of the Blancpain Boutiques to get a personal impression. In the meantime, maybe these additional shots provide the next best alternative. Some photos are taken under natural light, others are taken with artificial light using the Loupe System lens.

I hope you enjoyed the post and the photos. An overview on the Villeret Ultraplate variations can be found here on the Blancpain website.



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